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Quick Tips: Searching the golf course.
To find golf courses near a certain place, make sure that you have chosen the country correctly and type the city or town. If the search does not bring results, try to point out the name of the nearest big city instead.

Having found out one or several courses in this area, you can choose one of them for review. There is the reference to the list of courses nearby from the shown one with the detailed description of an object at the bottom of the course review.

Another way of search - by the field 'Area Code'. Try to enter the first three or four digits of your area to search in nearest regions.

If you look for a certain place, type the golf course or club name in the line 'Course Name' and see results. If the course with this or similar names was not revealed, try to reduce the name removing auxiliary words like 'Golf Course' or 'Golf Club'. Try to swap words or use only one unique word which by all means exists in the name of the required club.

Quick Tips: Enter your golf course.
  1. Register first. Registration is required to enter a new golf course.
  2. Press "Manage your golf courses" at the right upper corner.
  3. Enter the name of the course in the field "New name" and press "Add new golf course".
  4. Fill in all empty fields - address, contacts, description etc., press "Save changes".
  5. Find your course on the map (if it wasn`t found automatically) and click the left button of the mouse at that place, press "Save changes".
  6. Upload pictures up to 250 KB each. Size 500x333 pixels will be the best. Press "Submit".
  7. Now your golf course is added to the golf database.
  8. To make some changes go to "Manage your golf courses", find your course in the field "Choose course", make the changes and press "Save changes".