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Sand Valley Golf & Country Club (Paslek, Poland)
Year built: 2009
Designer: Sand Valley Company Sp. z o.o.
Contacts: +48 55 248 24 00, +48 55 248 30 48
Fax: +48 55 248 30 48
Address: Sprzymierzonych
Quick facts: 18 holes, putting green, practice area, driving range, shop.
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Sand Valley Golf and Country Club is built on an area ideally suited for golf. The area benefits from great views, as in places it elevates 20 m above the surroundings. The sandy base that extends nearly throughout the area serves as a good starting point for building a high quality golf course.
The natural elements of the area, such as the old tree islands, as well as the river bordering the southern boundary of the property will be brought into the play and presented at most natural.
The name Sand Valley originates from the intriguing natural canyon that splits the centrally placed old forest into two separate sandy plateaus. That is also where an expansive 2 hectare waste bunker originates, extending nearly half a kilometre south, crossing three fairways, and finishing 20 meters lower in the river. As said, sand is a dominating characteristic in the area, and that will be displayed throughout the course lending significantly to the very special visual character of the course.

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