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Sand Valley Golf & Country Club
Sand Valley Golf & Country Club (Paslek, Poland) - rating 5.00, total 2 votes
Sand Valley Golf and Country Club is built on an area ideally suited for golf. The area benefits from great views, as in places it elevates 20 m above the surroundings. The sandy base that extends nearly throughout the area serves as a good starting point for building a high quality golf course. The natural elements of the area, such as the old tree islands, as well as the river bordering the...            
The Knights Golf Club
The Knights Golf Club (Krobielowice, Poland) - rating 5.00, total 1 vote
The Knights Golf Club is situated not far from big polish city Wroslaw, in Krobielowice. The 9-hole golf course is suitable for golfers of all levels, from beginner to pro. Those of you who are thinking about trying golf for the very first time can use the driving...            
Amber Baltic Golf Club
Amber Baltic Golf Club (Kolczewo, Poland) - rating 4.00, total 1 vote
On the Island of Wolin, located within the beautiful Woli?ski National Park, there is a quaint little village called Ko?czewo, there you will find a superb golf complex of the highest quality. With the clean Baltic air and the beautiful landscape this is an ideal place to enjoy a game of golf and relax. The 27 holes are a real defiance for professionals and beginners alike. Don't undervalue...            
Golf Palace & Country Club
Golf Palace & Country Club (Bratoszewice, Poland) - rating 4.00, total 1 vote
This 18-hole golf course is located in the picturesque area near the town Bratoszewice. It was designed by Pierre de Lacour. After the game you can rest in a hospitable clubhouse and taste Polish dishes in the restaurant....            
Rosa Private Golf Club
Rosa Private Golf Club (Konopiska, Poland) - rating 4.00, total 1 vote
14 hectares of water reservoirs, cascades, a surface area of 700 square metres of greens, 1 000 000 cubic metres of moved earth, over 1 200 water sprinklers, appropriate type and quality of grass. All of this adds up to make it an excellent place to check the form of every...            
Bachalski Sport Park
Bachalski Sport Park (PoznaƄ, Poland)
The sports centre "Bachalski Sport Park" is situated only 15 min from the centre of Poznan. It offers to the players 9-hole golf course (par 27), driving range, golf academy, and besides tennis-courts, clubhouse with a bar...            
Binowo Park Golf Club
Binowo Park Golf Club (Stare Czarnowo, Poland)
The idea of building the Binowo Park Golf Courses belongs Mr. Sven-Olov Brax - the Swedish entrepreneur. He has been in the shipping business with Poland since the mid 1970`s. In 1990 he invested in a Polish farm producing grain, corn and potatoes. The farm covers more than 1500 hectares of privately owned land. In 1997, 87 hectares of this land was converted in to a golf course, which is now...            
Bytkowo Golf Club
Bytkowo Golf Club (Bytkowo, Poland)
One of Poznan's pioneers for the sport of golf, this club boasts an 18-hole course set in the picturesque and remote area of Bytkowo. Although the style of the course is essentially still in its infancy, it promises to become the flagship course for the sport in Poznan. The club house, or the nineteenth hole, is well set up and offers a range of drinks. The course is situated within a large...            
First Warsaw Golf & Country Club
FWG&CC is the premier course of Warsaw. There are full facilities including fully equipped Pro Shop, 20 bay driving range, ladies and mens shower and changing room. Besides there are a high class restaurant, club car rental, pull cart rental and club rental. In addition being on the course you can see the large number of different species of wildlife. The course is an ideal location for the...            
Golf Club Lisia Polana
Golf Club Lisia Polana (Pomiechowek, Poland)
Lisia Polana (Fox Medow) Golf Club and Resort is located just 45 minutes drive from downtown Warsaw in picturesque Wkra River Valley. The course consists of two loops. First 9 holes loop counter clockwise encircling the property. As a result golfers have out of bounds on the right hand side on majority of first nine holes. Second 9 lies inside having more water in play. It is the wind which is...            
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